Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sophi P. Cakes Cupcakes

Today was the grand opening of Sophi P. Cakes in Lafayette, Louisiana. They advertised cupcakes, quiche and cheesecake being available. I'm always interested in trying new, exciting flavors so I loaded the kids up and went to check it out. The flavors available were pretty picked over, which was disappointing. I was expecting a lot of fun flavors and there were a few, but too few.

We tried three flavors. Peanut Butter Cup, Classic Red Velvet and a Kahlua/Cappucino.

Here are my notes on each.

Peanut butter: Cake has good texture, not overly rich or chocolatey. Kind of forgettable in flavor, but moist. Icing: I would have expected a peanut butter frosting, but it was a chocolate buttercream - really light on the chocolate. It had good texture, albeit a bit grainy. Sort of bland tasting. It was filled with more chocolate buttercream with chopped peanut butter cups, which was really the best part. I think it would have been better overall with peanut butter frosting.

Red Velvet. Cute cupcake. Cake is bright red, sort of dry with a tight crumb. Nothing spectacular. I'm really particular about Red Velvet. I've tasted it everywhere. I missed that delightful little tang from the vinegar. The cream cheese frosting was excellent though. Nice texture, nice tang. It was filled with a bit more cream cheese frosting, which I could have passed on. It tipped the scales on the frosting to cake ratio...but I realize that is completely my opinion and a lot of people really love a ton of frosting.

Kahlua/Cappucino: The frosting is really sweet, nice texture, nice boozy aftertaste. I want to think it has chocolate in it, but I can't really taste it. The cupcake tastes like a vanilla cupcake with a shot or two of kahlua...which isn't a bad thing. This cupcake wasn't labeled and the person working the counter didn't really know anything about I'm lost as to what they were aiming at with this variety. The overwhelming flavor was I'm going with that. It was overall pretty good. Too big to really finish though as the flavor became a little cloying after awhile.

They had two sizes of cupcakes available, small for $1.69 and large for $2.89. The large could definitely be split between two people because it is so sweet.

Overall, I was unimpressed. The cake tasted like it was from a box mix and if I am going to pay money for had better be better than what the average home baker can make. The frosting was decent, tasty, had nice texture but it wasn't something I would call outstanding. The entire experience was rather uninspired. I only wish the shop would have had their more exotic flavors available for purchase. There were many tags that sounded interesting.

They do make beautiful cakes though, although nobody could really give me any answers about pricing or anything.

I do hope that the kinks get worked out as Lafayette really could use a decent cupcake shop.

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  1. hmm... they look okay but not like anything that you couldn't make at home. i bet you the apple muffins are better :-)


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