Thursday, April 29, 2010

Asian Lettuce Cups

I've been on an Asian bender lately. Bulgogi, curries, you name it, I've made it. I've made some great recipes and some not so great ones. This stood out - it is easy, quick and flavorful.

My family eats these up like nobody's business. It is also great cold for lunch the next day.

Asian Lettuce Cups
adapted from Kalyn's Kitchen
serves 6-8

1 T. vegetable oil
3 T. minced shallots or red onion
2 T. minced garlic (3-4 cloves)
2 T. fresh ginger, grated (I keep my ginger, peeled, in the freezer and then just grate what I need)
2 lbs. ground turkey (all white meat is preferable)
4 T. soy sauce, low sodium
1 T. sriracha, or other chile-garlic sauce
1 cup chopped cilantro
1 small can water chestnuts, chopped
1/3 cup chopped peanuts
1 large head or 2 small heads butter lettuce (iceberg works too, but is harder to eat)

Heat oil over medium-high heat in a large saute pan. Add onions and cook for 2 minutes. Add garlic and ginger and cook for 1 minute more.

Add ground turkey to the pan, break apart and spread out with a wooden spoon. Add soy sauce and sriracha. Cook until turkey is browned and cooked through - about 5 minutes.

After turkey is cooked, add water chestnuts and chopped cilantro. Cook 1 to 2 minutes longer.

Serve turkey filling and lettuce leaves in separate bowls. To eat, fill lettuce leaves with turkey filling and sprinkle with peanuts.

I served this with roasted carrots and wheat berries

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