Thursday, April 28, 2011


and the livin' is eas-ay. dooo do de do do do...

yeah...blame Pandora for that one.

Anyway, all singing aside, it is HOT here in Southern Louisiana. Air Conditioning has been on steadily for two weeks now and I can hear my utility bills skyrocketing.

To combat the heat, I bring The Boys to get snowballs (side note: the thought of having a snowball (cone) stand that is open year long is so foreign to me) and we go to the local fountain to splash around a bit.

Better sit down, cuteness is coming.

 Now that he is old enough to eat it by himself...he is very possessive of his sour cherry, face-staining snowball.
 Except when Big Brother asks for a taste...which he does frequently.

 This is Big Brother's "Tasting" face....taste taste taste...*pensive stare off to the left*...VERY good!

I hope everyone is enjoying their warmer weather!

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